Calculate your loan capacity

This tool allows you to quickly calculate your loan capacity.

Loan calculator

This tool allows you to quickly & easily calculate your loan capacity.

€ {{formatNumber(model.loanCapacity) || 0 }}

*Purchase capacity = loan capacity + your investment

€ {{formatNumber(model.monthlyPayment) || 0 }}

€ {{formatNumber(model.priceMin) || 0}}

€ {{formatNumber(model.priceMax) || 0}}

We indicate your loancapacity + and - 20% to calculate a minimum and maximum amount to be used for searching properties. We assume you can haggle about 20%. The same amount applies for homes that need a lot of renovating. These are only target amounts. If you'd like to deviate, you can do so by entering your own minimum & maximum in the financial section of our search engine.

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